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Orlando Skilled Labor provides residential painting services throughout the Greater Orlando area.

Orlando, Florida, with its vibrant hues and diverse landscapes, sets the perfect canvas for Orlando Skilled Labor providing professional and cost-effective residential painting services throughout the Greater Orlando area. Our services include interior and exterior painting prep and full residential painting services, with some commercial painting services, along with full exterior pressure washing for paint preparation. Welcome to the Orlando Skilled Labor business website, where quality meets affordability.

Orlando Skilled Labor Painting Contractors

Professional Orlando Painting Contractors For Hire

We, as the Orlando Skilled Labor team members, are painting contractors who offer expertise in various professional painting services throughout Orlando Florida. Our attention to detail ensures a high-quality finish for residential and commercial projects in need of skilled labor for a reasonable price. With our knowledge of the latest trends, techniques, and tools, we can transform any space into a quality space for personal or business needs. Hiring skilled labor professionals can save time and guarantee a thorough home improvement result for your painting needs.

Types of Orlando Painting Services Offered by Orlando Skilled Labor

Interior Walls Painting

Painting interior walls is the first step in home renovations when painting residential Orlando Florida homes.  Choosing the best paint type is essential for a home’s interior.  The standard paint types are: Flat, Semi-gloss, Gloss, and Satin.  Depending on whether a home owner actually owns the home, or the home is being rented, municipal regulatory obligations can determine what paint types are applicable for a home.

Exterior Walls Painting

Our exterior residential painting services throughout Orlando Florida consist of spraying the exterior walls for paint renewals or upgrades to the outside surface of a residential home.  Florida has been known to experience much heavy rainfall and hot sun conditions throughout the year, which takes toll on exterior paint faster than other regions due to the region’s tropical climate.

Doors, Trim, and Baseboards Painting

When performing interior painting on any Orlando Florida residential home, doors, trim, and baseboards are immediately considered.  The doors, trim, and baseboards within a home help to amplify the interior walls of the home thus keeping them with a fresh coat of paint is essential. Doors are another consideration when determining paint types, but ultimately, we leave the choices up to our clients.

Cabinet Painting

Cabinet painting is another interior painting service we perform for residential homes.  Oftentimes, cabinets can be old (based upon the age of a home) and could simply use a fresh coat of paint to upgrade them.  It has been good practice to renew old cabinets within a home, with a new coat of paint, so the cabinets are in harmony with freshly painted interior walls within a home. Well-painted cabinets can bring out wall paints and add value and beauty to living space.

Wood Staining

Wood staining is another skilled labor trade service that we offer in conjunction with our Orlando Florida residential painting services.  There are many benefits of wood staining, including style, preservation (prevention of rotting), and protection from moisture (and sun if outdoors). Wood staining is an overlooked alternative to tradition painting services. However, the overall luster and beauty of stained wood is worth the choice.

Exterior Pressure (Power) Washing

Pressure washing is a highly-sought skilled labor trade service for residential homes throughout the Orlando Florida area.  Due to Florida’s heavy annual rainfall and hot sun conditions, which creates high humidity conditions, mold and mildew are a constant problem.  Mold and mildew can easily form on the home’s exterior soffits, solid fixtures, and walls thus professional pressure washing is needed to remove either.

Making the Right Orlando Painting Contractors Choice

Orlando Skilled Labor has been highly sought-after in recent years due to our extensive quality and overall professionalism as one of the top Orlando painting contractors in the Central Florida region. With over ten (10) years of painting experience, the Orlando Skilled Labor team has made a solid mark in the home improvement industry. We stand by our ethics in performance to provide high-standard services to home owners, property investors, landlords, and businesses all over the Greater Orlando area.

Top Orlando Painting Contractors

  • Provide quality Orlando residential painting.
  • Offer cost-effective and affordable pricing.
  • Promote trust in clients and give positive relations.
Orlando Skilled Labor Painting Contractors
Orlando Residential Painting

Orlando Residential Painting Services

  • Home owners receive quality residential painting.
  • Overall solid finishes for both exterior and interior.
  • Builds home equity and adds overall home value.

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Here are some testimonials from Clients and Contractors who worked directly with the Orlando Skilled Labor team.
Inverness McKenzie

Inverness McKenzie

Business Owner

"We have no regrets! After using your painting services my business has never looked so good! We will be referring you to some of our business associates for your valuable services. Thanks again Eli!

Hanson Deck

Hanson Deck

Home Owner

"Your painting service has given my home a long overdue upgrade. Eli has been truly great to work with and very professional in his approach for the overall quality labor he performed."

Natalya Simmons

Natalya Simmons

Home Owner

"Thank you for providing a great painting service and being reliable and trustworthy. I certainly appreciate the care you took in my home by being careful and professional. Your painting skills are noteworthy!"

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